I Am Challenging Florida's New Gun Laws

Hi, I'm Adam, a Florida resident and fellow gun owner and enthusiast.

On March 9, 2018, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law Senate Bill 7026, which prohibits all citizens of the state, including law-abiding, peaceful, responsible citizens from fully exercising the right to own bump fire stock. The bill also disenfranchized law-abiding, legal adults in the state of Florida under 21 years of age from exercising their right to purchase a firearm. This is an affront to out freedom, and a betryal to Floridians and to the American people as a whole. All in the name of the illusion of security.

I believe passing this worthless, do-nothing, accomplish-nothing legislation will have profound implications making overnight felons out of legal, law abiding otherwise harmless gun owners in this state.
All brought upon by knee-jerk "GOTTA DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, BEFORE THE LEGISLATIVE SESSION ENDS" threatens our Second Amendment rights.

This attack on my rights is wrong and I'm going to do something about it.

Do you own a bumpstock? Owning one will now be a Felony.

Senate Bill 7026 has stripped your entitlement and right to your bumpstock without compensation. Under this new law, there's no way to keep it, sell it, or lend it to anyone or even ship it outside the state.

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Did you know Florida's bumpstock ban affects more than bumpstocks?

The poorly worded , broad and loose definition behind the bumpstock ban includes language that can be construed to prohibit all sorts of trigger modifications that can make your rifle or handgun prohbiited. Worst of all, there's no legal way to get rid of the weapon once in violation, that includes surrendering it to the police..

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How can you change anything?

Florida's new laws are a clear violation of The United States Constitution. As such, I can bring legal challenges against opression of our fundamental gun rights.

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Challenging the law requires time and money. Costs are likely to include

  • Filing Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Process Fees
  • Travel and Accommodation
  • Attorney's Fees
  • Promotional Materials For The Cause

I'm not an organization. I'm just a person, a person who is tired of having his rights stepped on. Someone has to say "Enough is Enough" and finally that person is me. I will cover the costs I can, but its hard when the other side has virtually unlimited resources. But I'm still here to fight the good fight.

If You're willing and able, and would like to contribute to help me along my fight to right these wrongs, please consider a donation.